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Bespoken products

Bespoken products by Mongolfier

Thanks to its know how, Montgolfier produce ceramic items for other companies: sinks, wash basins, decorative items, limited chinaware edition, electric appliances and so on.

Here are some of these projects…

2005 creation Vasco and jardin sink for Rairies Montrieux, design Emmanuel Chavalier.

Designed by Emmanuel Chevalier, this collection of ceramic sinks revisit the traditional wash basin of yesterday. A back to basics for these contemporary models dedicated to bathroom, kitchen or outdoor spaces.

Montgolfier - Eviers en céramique
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Limited auto edition of a set of 4 plates, by Mathilde Fiessinger
Invisible collection by Mathilde Fiessinger

These plates, designed for everybody, are a link between blind and sighted people. The contrast between the top and the bottom of the plates allows a tactile exploration that reveals a Braille poem about the theme of invisibility. The 2 large plates and 2 bowls each have one stanza of the poem.

Montgolfier - Collection Invisible 1Montgolfier - Collection Invisible 3
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Realitem : range of electrical appliances
Back and forth, plug made of ceramic. Small products that focus so many technical features. Nice products in an ethical approach… No more comment, visit Realitem website…