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The Know how montgolfier

Thanks to a completely integrated process, Montgolfier controls each step of ceramic manufacturing and owns all the tools necessary for small and medium series.

Modelling : this is the first step of creation…The matter is to produce a plaster shape and all the molds that will allow the production of clay items . Here Jean Claude works exclusively with plaster and resin….Shh, be quiet, concentration is indispensable...

Clay shaping.
We have 3 possibilities : casting, pressing or calibrating, each process has its own characteristics.
Casting is suitable for small series and complex shapes (like tea pots, jugs); this is Michel's high qualified job.
The pressing process is used for small or medium series without any complex shapes: this is what Thierry does.
For large series and round shapes (or similar ones), calibrating will be used (bowls, soup plates, plates)

After that, a small break….for items, I mean…it is drying time.

And that is followed by the final process : trimming, grinding, smoothing….

Glazed mixture with our own recipes and applied by Daniel. With glazing made thanks to a special spray gun, we obtain a beautiful final touch… a handmade masterpiece (thank you Daniel!)

Our signature is put on all the items and then it is the kiln building time. Each item is laid on refractory stacking pieces and pills. 2 m3 of volume must be prepared before loading the kiln and starting the baking…

The next day, with our heart beating, we open the kiln and begin to discover the result of the baking…

Pills and refractory materials are stored away … Everything starts all over again…

Some dates

From the Sarthe Region where he used to be a foreman, Mr Yvon ROY settled in Durtal in 1943.
The presence of clay, wood (for the baking) and rivers (transport) explains the ceramic tradition of this area of Anjou.
In 1957, Robert De Montgolfier takes over Montgolfier management and brings a new creative breath with, for instance, the creation of Kyoto range (first square plates on the tableware market).
In 1984 and for 20 years, it is a local family of businessmen, the Rivards, that in cooperation with designers develop creations and sell abroad.
In 2005 the firm is taken over by Delphine Stroesser, supported by Jean Claude Le Baron (ceramic backgrounds), Montgolfier follows market trends but keeps this timeless touch linked to its particular glazing. What is the company's proudness? Plates that stand out thanks to their top characteristics and can be recognized all over the world: "oh, that is Montgolfier's touch… "

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